Generosity, at its root is a discipleship issue.
We have the DNA of Jesus Christ, the greatest giver. We were created to give.

The Generosity Design Lab is a process to help your church or ministry design a customized biblical generosity training. we brings proven generosity content, your network brings deep local experience, and we work together to create a contextualized training quickly.

Why should it be designed by you for you?

Whenever you have the opportunity to have help creating something that is customized and personalized the end results are always superior. When it comes to generosity training, we listen to you and get to know your specific cultural context. Then together we create the right training with you.

From more details please review the Video and the document below, Also, we are happy to announce that we translated the below 2 books to Arabic, "Whole Life Generosity Devotional" & "Rethink Generosity". to enrich the Arabic library with world class Generosity resources.

We Praise God for NABLA Partnership with GenerousChurch.

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Living with God. Living with Gratitude. Living with Faith. Living with Generosity.

These elements form the lifestyle of Whole-Life Generosity which is defined as “an overflowing life released to God for others.” Over 28 days, the Whole Life Generosity Devotional unpacks God’s heart, example and principles of generosity as a personal or group experience. It’s likely your perspectives and practices on generosity will expand to your whole life – so that you give more, give joyfully and give gratefully.

Recapture the energy and impact of the early church through generosity.

This e-book contains 9 core ways to rethink generosity and return to its Biblical roots. You will discover how: People’s view God is critical for overcoming fear of giving. Disciples view of themselves impacts their generosity. Leaders need to focus on root issues versus fruit issues. Churches grow generosity through external focus.