Financial Discipleship





Financial Discipleship is more than simply being faithful on our own personal journey. It also means being obedient to Jesus’ calling in the Great Commission and doing our best to disciple others in the area of money and possessions.

Financial Discipleship is a crucial component to growing our relationship with the Lord. It is a lifelong journey to learn, apply, and multiply everything God says about money – for His glory. It is not a formula, a quick fix, or a self-help event.

Financial Discipleship is built on five foundational pillars. Each one challenges us to see the world how Jesus did and to follow Him, rather than the many other influences that compete for our attention.

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We praise God for NABLA Partnership with Compass, as Compass MENA

Also, we are happy to announce that we translated and printed, The “Financial Discipleship” and The "Your Money Counts" books to Arabic. and in the process of translating The "2350 verses on Money and Possessions" and others books too, to enrich the Arabic library with world class Financial Discipleship resources.

Financial discipleship

This book will first help you learns to manage money and possessions God’s way, applying biblical principles in every area of life – family, business, church, and social circles.  So that you start enjoying to live freely, then you to become an obedient teacher, committed to Jesus’ command to “Go therefore and make disciples . . . teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”(Matthew 28:19-20, ESV).

We want to help people become free from the power of money. Jesus stated very clearly, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (Matthew 6:24, ESV). Financial freedom has two dimensions: free from and free to. We have freedom from worry, anxiety, debt burdens, stress, and materialism; we have freedom to grow in generosity, in service, and in enjoying fellowship with the Lord and one another.

Financial Discipleship is a way of life and a choice,

Join us in the Journey of Financial Discipleship

Your Money Counts eBook

This book will transform your life and your finances because you will be learning what God says about handling money. Whether you are trying to make ends meet, or determine what to do with excess, this books gives a clear understanding of what God wants you to know about handling money. And, as you apply these principles, you’ll enjoy more financial health, freedom and contentment.

The Compass eBooks are not downloads. They are interactive electronic workbooks. You will need an internet connection to use them.

2350 Verses on Money and Possessions

In 1973, Howard Dayton, a successful businessman, began doing a study of the Bible and categorized all of the Scriptures that talk about money and possessions into a single topical index. The result is a culmination of 2,350 Scriptures that talk about money and our use of it. Howard said, “That study radically and permanently changed me from worshipping money to serving Christ.” Since then, Howard started Compassfinances God’s way and has helped reach millions of people with the biblical truth of how we manage God’s resources. There are 500 Bible verses pertaining to the topics of faith and prayer and yet 2,350 Bible verses on money. Why is that? Because God knows that our attitude toward money is an indication of where our heart is with God. These 2350 verses are listed and categorized in this document for you to use as reference to learn what God has to say about money and possessions and to draw your heart closer to Him










Compass have partnered with YouVersion to provide a series of short, topical Reading Plans to help you learn, apply, and multiply what the Bible says about money and possessions. Just select a Plan below and you will be taken to YouVersion’s site to get started! And NABLA Initiative has the pleasure to Partner with Compass to make these Reading plans available in Arabic to all the Arab speakers across the MENA region and all over the world
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