Why to join the Bootcamp:

We will guide you into a Spiritually Heathy, Vision-Driven approach to fully funding your ministry. Here's what we'll cover:

  1.  Understand the Biblical Basis See how God uses people throughout the Bible and today to fund His work.
  2.  Gain A Healthy Perspective As much as meeting your financial needs, you are mobilizing the body of Christ.
  3.  Plan and Prepare You will experience the efficiencies of learning to plan your work and work your plan.
  4.  Prove It's Doable You will rehearse and practice the keys of support raising with other Bootcampers.
  5.  Maintain & Cultivate Learn how to develop a healthy and vibrant support team that will stick with you as long as you're in ministry.

We Praise God for our partnership with Support Raising Solutions.

By God's grace we translated all the Bootcamp rescources to Arabic, Also We Transalted and Printed "The God Ask" To Arabic, and in the process of translating and priniting the other 2 books below.

The God Ask

As a ministry worker, raising support can be a daunting task. It doesn't have to be intimidating though. It isn't about money or asking people to give. It is about looking to God to provide for you. He has given you a vision for ministry, and now you get to invite others into that vision. Your job is to pray and work hard to discover those whom the Lord has already prepared to invest in you and your ministry. God has done His work. Now it's time for you to do yours. A case in point: Nehemiah was very nervous about meeting with the wealthiest, most powerful man on the planet. He was asking King Artaxerxes to fund his Jerusalem restoration project. But when it came time to make his appeal, this lowly cupbearer first looked up to the Person who really provides resources. At the moment of truth, Nehemiah lifted his heart and made The God Ask. In Nehemiah 2:4 he describes the exchange: "Then the king said to me, 'What would you request?' So I prayed to the God of heaven." Instead of going into appointments fearing what your fellow man will say, you can have confidence that God is superintending the whole process. This book will help you embrace the fact that this is not a Man Ask. No. It is a God Ask! Paperback, 352 pages.

God's Presence in Your Fundraising: 40 Readings and Prayers

Whether you are beginning your life in ministry or have much experience, God's Presence in Your Fundraising: 40 Readings and Prayers will help you maintain intimacy with Christ of fundraising. After hearing a few "no's," fundraisers can be tempted to give up, press hard into their own strength, or try crazy support raising schemes. It's time for a fresh look at the Scriptures. Written by one who has been there, God's Presence in Your Fundraising is your daily companion in Christ-centered funding. By Scott Morton


Are you missing a hidden responsibility in your leadership? As with driving a car, if you don’t pay attention to your blind spots in leadership, you’ll likely have some accidents. Similarly, if you don’t address fundraising with your staff you will bypass their personal felt needs—and you’ll have some accidents. But we’re not without guidance! The Bible has plenty to say about fundraising and leadership, and this book explores six biblical leaders who faced the same fundraising-leadership issues confronting you today. So fasten your seatbelt! Blindspots explores: You: Blind Spots in Your Personal Outlook Your Team: Blind Spots as You Lead Others Your Strategies: Blind Spots in Your Fundraising Practices Your Organization: Blind Spots in Your Organizational Structure and Systems